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Christine Hotton

Pretty on the Inside No. 5

Pretty on the Inside No. 5

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4.5 x 4.5" | needled felted wool and embroidery on wool felt

Christine Hotton has always been fascinated by form and texture, and this drew her to fibre as a medium. She learned to sew as a child and pursued fashion design in her 20s and 30s. When designing clothing she often added surface design to the pieces she made. Later as she moved from clothing design to a more hands-on practice, she experimented with weaving, felting and embroidery.

She is inspired by the textures and shapes found in nature and this is reflected in her work. She uses an intuitive process of building colour, form and texture using traditional craft techniques to create abstract art pieces. Each piece is built in layers that invite touch.

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© Christine Hotton. All rights reserved. Usage, reproduction, or altering of artwork is not permitted without permission. Each piece of artwork is an intellectual property and is protected by copyright law.

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