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Felicia Fraser

Junk Drawer

Junk Drawer

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oil paint on wood | 6 x 6"

Vancouver BC artist, Felicia Fraser, creates realistic oil and acrylic paintings of ordinary objects of significance. By transforming ordinary things into carefully crafted works of art, the cultural and personal significance of the object becomes the message. Her focus on nostalgic childhood items helps tell the story of who we are and serves as a reminder to not lose sight of the kids within each of us. The objects Felicia paints capture the qualities of childhood we should keep alive in our adult lives, like being lost in play, exploration, embracing mistakes, making friends and occasionally being bored, bringing a renewed sense of what actually matters in our current lives.

Trained and working as graphic designer for the past 15 years, Felicia moved over to being a full time artist when the pandemic changed her work and childcare situations. This past May 2023, Felicia’s first solo gallery exhibition ‘90s Kid’ featured 25 original paintings, an interactive 90s bedroom installation and praise from several local media outlets. Her work also includes over 50 personal commissions over the past three years and contributions to several collective gallery shows.

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