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Donna Seto

Chin Wing Chun/Wayen Restaurant – 158 East Pender

Chin Wing Chun/Wayen Restaurant – 158 East Pender

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watercolour and ink on cold press paper | 12 x 16” | framed 16 x 20”

Donna Seto (she/her) is a Vancouver-based writer, artist, and occasional academic. Her art, poetry, and writing shed light on global politics, marginalized communities, layered histories, and the complexity of memory. Growing up, Seto accompanied her parents on regular ventures through Chinatown’s bustling streets where they picked up groceries, ate dim sum, purchased newspapers, and visited her poh-poh. For Seto, Chinatown provides an intimate connection to her personal history and heritage. During the pandemic, she revisited her long-lost passion for art and started drawing buildings in Vancouver’s Chinatown and Powell Street.

Her illustrations of Chinatown are being transformed into a book to be published with the House of Anansi in mid-2025. Seto has a Ph.D. in Politics and International Relations and is a specialist on intersectional violence in war, refugee law, and children’s rights. She works at the University of British Columbia.

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