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Felicia Fraser

Celebrate Childhood

Celebrate Childhood

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oil on cradled wood panel | 24 x 24"

My mom planned awesome birthday parties for me as a kid. I had cakes shaped like the age I was turning, all my friends overrunning the McDonalds playplace and mini golf at the local arcade. My childhood best friend had us playing laser tag or at her pond collecting specimens to look at under microscopes. It almost doesn’t matter what you do for your party, it’s the best day ever to have all your friends there to celebrate. You wake up in the morning and know that today is your day. The bouquet of balloons fills the car as you bat them around on the way to your party. People sing to you, take pictures of you and give you gifts. Then the next day you use the remaining helium in the balloons to make your voice high pitched and giggle with your brother. All this because you deserve it, not for doing anything remarkable, just because you exist.

Felicia Fraser is a Vancouver, BC-based artist specializing in hyper-realistic oil paintings that capture the nostalgia of childhood. Her art brings ordinary objects of significance from the past back to life with intricate detail and glorious colours, evoking the often-forgotten joyful feelings of her youth.

NOTE: >50% of the artist's proceeds will be donated to Variety - The Children’s Charity

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