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Felicia Fraser

Prehistoric Collection

Prehistoric Collection

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oil on cradled wood panel | 48 x 24"

"I had many collections and obsessions as a kid including stickers, hockey cards, teddy bear figurines, Jones Soda bottles, POGs, Beanie Babies. My grandmother was the head of the stuffie department at a local thrift store, so my obsession with collecting stuffies was never satisfied, growing larger than anyone I knew. When you love something as a kid, you don’t hold back. It’s full-on enthusiasm or nothing. A dinosaur-kid will wear dinosaur clothes, sleep in a dinosaur bedroom, eat out of a dinosaur lunch bag, and know endless dinosaur facts. Who cares what people think, when something brings you this much joy, you immerse yourself in it until it becomes part of your identity. Loving dinosaurs means embracing mystery, as they are rooted in reality but also something we will never fully know what they truly looked or acted like." - Felicia Fraser

Felicia Fraser is a Vancouver, BC-based artist who specializes in hyper-realistic oil paintings that capture the nostalgia of childhood. Her art brings ordinary objects of significance from the past back to life with intricate detail and glorious colours, evoking the often forgotten joyful feelings of her youth.

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