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Shannon Pawliw

Emmy Kleinberger Nobel (bacteriology)

Emmy Kleinberger Nobel (bacteriology)

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48 x 36” | mixed media on canvas


In 1930, Emmy Kleinberger-Nobel became the first female lecturer at the University of Frankfurt. However, her career was cut short by the rise of the Nazi Party. After seeking refuge in England, she made several attempts to rescue her mother and sister from Nazi Germany, including a final visit to Germany in 1938. She was unsuccessful and both eventually died in 1941. Later, Kleinberger-Nobel was able to provide help to several of her nieces and nephews who escaped to England.

Microscapes - This series of paintings and sculptures portray a fantastical and imagined world where one can fly, float, or soar through a diminutive landscape filled with microbes, bacteria, viruses, cells, and atoms. The landscapes have the illusion of space so that the viewer can picture themselves floating amongst and exploring the cellular detritus. They allow the viewer to be a kind of ‘nano-tourist’ in a tiny world that is experienced every day. A world that in reality, can only be seen using a microscope or a particle accelerator.  

Colour is very important to this work. It is used to evoke a kind of ‘Disney-fied’ imagining of the microscopic/subatomic landscape. 

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