Collection: Devon Gifford

Artist Statement

This work began as a response to the vast unknown at the beginning of covid, and finding myself sitting alone in random settings for long periods of time, staring at the clouds.

Cumulus clouds have been my main focus - they're a cheery bunch and pretty entertaining to watch. Cirrus and Stratus have also made some appearances. Much of the work was done at parks and beaches, while clouds sneaked around and over me.

Each layer of grey tone contains depth, warmth, and light; a metaphor of what I was seeing and feeling around me, in the world, everyday. The sadness, and all of the little things that make a difference - that bring depth, warmth, and light. Clouds became my comfort, a warm hug for my mind.

I've continued this work and practice throughout the pandemic, shifting indoors and into creating larger pieces, referenced from my MANY cloud photos and those sent from friends and family.